Monday, February 21, 2011

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

The best packaging design I've seen in years; with thanks to Glen.

"...Our Scots-Irish ancestors brought their knowledge and skills of whiskey-making with them as they came to Appalachia. Conditions in the area were good for growing corn, but it didn’t take long to realize a lot more money could be made off of a gallon of corn liquor than a bushel. Once the law began cracking down on the industry, the nature of our people and the rugged mountain terrain made way for the hay day of bootlegging..."

Visit the magnificently-designed website.



Burnsy said...

Excellent packaging, looks very authentic! Reminds me of a great doc about Popcorn Sutton, a old time Tennessee moonshiner...

Different shade of Green. said...

Do you reckon the word ole comes from Ulster Scots as it something we would say a lot in Larne