Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wor Sangs

In nae parteeklar order, here's the sangs we hae stairtit tae record ower at Wullie's studio in Kirkistoun. A brave wheen nae doot. Maist o them we hae been performin tae fowk aroon the country fer the past year or sae, a wheen we hae jist learnt. The CD's gan tae be named "Sangs o Bairns an Hame - an a Wheen Aboot Drink Forbye", an here's the list sae far:

Are You Washed In The Blood of the Lamb
The Great Atomic Power
Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
Jesus Kens It A
The Portavogie Boys
Sin's Dark Valley
Jesus is my Hairt’s fond love / Yer faither
Shield of Faith
Reddin up the Yaird
A’ Ma Hope

Come awa the noo my freens
Three in yin and yin in three
Come awa the noo
Walking in the King’s Highway
Climb Climb up Sunshine Mountain
Some say the Divil’s deid

Beautiful Golden Somewhere
I'll Fly Away
If You See My Savior
Sweet Rivers
Ye’re A Welcome Hame
Hallelujah I’m Ready

(Drink Forbye)
The Hallelujah Man
Jim And Me

25 sangs is mair nor eneuch fer the fower o us tae be wrasslin wi ower the neext wheen o weeks! So it'll lightly enn up being twa single CDs (Volume Yin afore Christmas, and Volume Twa aroon Eastertime o neext year), an no yin big dooble yin aa at the yin go. This 25 wull be on Volume Yin - we hae a midden mair tae learn fer Volume Twa, and this'll gie us a wee streetch mair time tae learn the new yins.

Wullie's heidin awa tae the Canary Islands neext Setterday fer a week, so we'll hiddae try tae hae a brave bit redd up afore he gans. He'll be nae use yinst he's back hame - burnt up like a Sooth Roke labster.