Friday, October 27, 2006

Finished Recordin!

All done. Here's the final list and running order -

1 The Great Atomic Power
2 Reddin Up the Yaird
3 A’ Ma Hope (nane like Jesus)

4 Come Awa the Noo my Freens
5 Three in Yin and Yin in Three
6 Come Awa the Noo
7 Walking in the King’s Highway
8 Climb Climb up Sunshine Mountain

9 Beautiful Golden Somewhere
10 I'll Fly Away
11 If You See My Saviour
12 Hallelujah I’m Ready to Go

A Wheen aboot Drink
13 The Hallelujah Man
14 G-L-O-R-Y
15 Jim And Me

16 Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing
17 Jesus Kens It A
18 Jesus is my Hairt’s fond love / Yer faither

On schedule for a release first week in December - available in all the same shops as before (ie all Faith Mission shops and the shops listed on our main web site.

Dinnae be mean - buy a wheen for aa yer freens!