Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Born Fighting - episode 2

#alttext# "Born Fighting" on UTV was superb tonight. Senator James Webb (shown here with some other man who I think I've seen before somewhere) is a marvellous ambassador for our story. Despite the many critics, cynics, apathetics and outright opponents who have done their best to silence it, Ulster-Scots awareness is steadily moving back to where it should be - right in the mainstream of life in Northern Ireland, and perhaps as the most dominant and dynamic element within our cultural life.


Burnsy said...

It looks like UTV have removed the programs from their i-player even though they should have been up for 28 days!... For anyone who has not yet seen them you can catch them here:


Just go to Video page!

Burnsy said...

The... erm, 'alternative' Born Fighting?

Drink, Pray, F***, Fight: How the Scots-Irish Screwed-Up America.