Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bloggin Ministers

Not, not Mr McCausland (even though his blogging is impressive - which was nominated for an award recently), but ministers of the church kind. Here are a few that I dip into from time to time and can thoroughly recommend:

Martin McNeely (Presbyterian, Ballykeel in Ballymena):
Scott Woodburn (Presbyterian, Ballygowan): Empire of Dirt
Philip Thompson (Presbyterian, Rathfriland): PhillyThomp - although Twitter is really his thing)
Alan Wilson (Baptist, Portstewart): Coastal Pastor
Philip Dunwoody (Enniskillen, Reformed Presbyterian): MI7:7
Robert Robb (Enniskillen, Reformed Presbyterian): Pastor Robb's Blog
Robin Fairbairn (Presbyterian, Communications Officer) takes care of MissionIreland

I also enjoy: - part of the MarsHillChurch phenomenon - I listen to something on this site every day that I'm deskbound

There are probably a lot more that I'm not aware of. Luther, Wycliffe, Calvin, Tyndale and Knox all benefitted from the new communication technology of their time, which was of course the printing press. It's good to see that attitude still at work five centuries on.