Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shock horror - official report recognises influence of Scotland upon life in Ulster

From the same book mentioned below, published in 1952, here's a map which dares to acknowledge that Scotland exists! It's not very clearly drawn, and so it's hard to make out the detail, but what it does show is an understanding on the part of the authors that Scotland has exerted an influence beyond its shores, and that there are similarities on both sides of the narrow sea. In the case of this map, it's a survey of the common architectural styles of castles. But how often do you see vision like this today? For all of the political promises about "East-West" linkages, there are none of any real significance. We are stuck in a two-tribes "Hiberno-centric" society where perspectives are limited to this island - in almost every area you can think of. When is the "Shared Future" going to reach across the North Channel and acknowledge the similarities we still share with Scotland? The policy-makers need to take a far, far wider view.

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