Saturday, January 08, 2011

Rock of Ages - Radio Ulster

One of the things I stumbled on over Christmas was a very interesting programme on Radio Ulster. "Rock of Ages" tells the story of the music and musicians that have emerged from CFC Church in Belfast. The programme summary is: David O'Reilly looks at how a group of young Christians changed the face of popular music in Northern Ireland. Featuring Duke Special, Two Door Cinema Club and Brian Houston. I know some folk who go to CFC, and while it's not quite my cup of tea on a range of fronts, I'm not going to be critical of others just because they do things differently. What is important is that this might be the first time that the media/arts sector has given public recognition of the present-day influence of gospel music in Northern Ireland. The story is far bigger than just CFC, and far bigger than just the present day, so I hope this is just the first step. Well done to all involved.

You can also read about the programme here on Stuart Bailie's blog. Click here to listen to it on BBC iPlayer.