Friday, January 28, 2011

BBC - "We're Fur Hame"

The first two programmes of this new series have already been broadcast on tv, and are currently available on BBC iPlayer. The series tells the story of a group of American tourists who arrive in Ulster with Glen Pratt (President of the Ulster-Scots Society of America) in search of branches of their family trees and the heritage of their emigrant ancestors. It's clearly an emotional experience for many of them, and is definitely worth watching. You'll also spot some well-known local faces.

Along with UTV's "Plantation - the Truth and the Legacy" which was broadcast before Christmas, and next week's simulcast of Senator James Webb's "Born Fighting" on UTV and STV, it is encouraging to see our stories emerging from the shadows, being well told, and reaching a wider audience.

First two episodes are on the BBC iPlayer here.


Burnsy said...

Looking forward to the UTV show... Have you seen this old American doc on youtube?: Story of English,episode 4:the Guid Scots Tongue.

It's the story of the Scots launguage and it's influence on American English as spread by the Scots-Irish.

Mark Thompson said...

Hello Napalm - thanks for that link, I don't think I've seen it before so will watch it later in the week.

Mark Thompson said...
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