Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ballycopeland Windmill

Was driving from Millisle to Bangor today, and had the camera in the car. Here are two pics of Ballycopeland Windmill for y'all.

My mother's family were all from nearby here (about 6 fields away) at Islandhill or Blacktoon to be precise, and I still have relatives who live along the Killaughey Road. The windmill can be clearly seen from my mother's old family house (just a wee three room cottage which even today still has a corrugated iron roof and an outside toilet). Leading from the house towards the windmill is a small country lane that they all used to call the Scotland Road - because on a clear day, on the horizon, you can see Scotland as you look down the lane.

Killaughey Mission Hall is a few hundred yards away from the Windmill. It's only open in the summer months, but still works, and is one of the few real landmarks on the Ards Peninsula.