Sunday, June 22, 2008

Killaughey Mission Hall

David Gilmore and I were speaking there tonight (it's beside Ballycopeland Windmill, the only working windmill in Northern Ireland). Some pics attached from after the meeting - a wee window into mission hall life in the Ards Peninsula.


Colin Maxwell said...

Hi Mark,

I preached there once lang syne when the Iron Hall young fowk were asked down tae take the Sunday nicht meetin'. I was only saved aroun' 2 years an' hadnae done muckle preachin' ava. I tuk the text frae Job 22:21 ("Acquaint now thyself wi' Him an' be at peace.") there were twa car loads frae East Belfast, yin o' which (but thankfully not mine) got lost in the dark, wet winter's nicht an' hadtae gie up an' return tae the well signposted streets o' East Belfast.

Fair fa' ye!

Stephen Jamison said...

Many happy memories of Killaughey Hall. Always a great spirit in the meetings and good singing too!
The LORD bless His people down there. LORD SEND US REVIVAL!