Sunday, March 29, 2009

My uncle Wully Gray

I was at a big family event in Portadown on Saturday night. Most of oor folk were there. I ended up sitting beside my uncle, Wully Gray.

It was a standard big Ulster sit-down-meal-in-a-church-hall-with-long-folding-tables-and-paper-tablecloths evening. There were about 150 folk there. Mountains of grub that a big team had been making since about 9 o'clock that morning. So we all queued up, filled our plates, and then filled our (ample) bellies. Good packin.

Wully had ate that much he was ready to burst. Then a wee woman came round offering everybody second helpings. He declined her offer, looked at her and said:

It's a gye full barn when ye cannae thresh anither stook at the door.


Colin Maxwell said...

Did he say "Door" or "Dure"?

10/1 on it was the latter...only I dinnae bet.

Fair fa' ye!

The best way to double your money is to fold it in two and put it in your back pocket.

Mark Thompson said...

that's a good point - it was definitely "door", so Wully must be getting all Anglified!