Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yet more BBC!

It's not often that you wake up on a Sunday morning to hear yourself singing on the radio. Thanks to Philip Orr, author of "The Road to the Somme - Men of the Ulster Division Tell Their Story" (who was on "This New Day", presented by Kim Lenighan, on Radio Ulster last Sunday morning) for the wee musical plug:

"...if some of those young, unsophisticated rural boys who went off to the Ulster Division had been around today, this is some of the kind of music they would have enjoyed and listened to..."

And I was singing again on the media, this time on BBC Northern Ireland's "Stormont Live" short piece on the 1859 Revival:

Rest of the discussion is on this clip:

The musical side of things is coming together pretty well at the moment following the success of Bangor Abbey a few weeks ago. Watch this space for a musical announcement or two around Christmas.