Saturday, November 29, 2008

Covenanter Postcards for sale: £3.95 for pack of 7

A friend of mine, County Antrim man Alastair Bonar, has been collecting Covenanter items for many years and has a wonderful library of Covenanter books, including a first edition of Rev Samuel Rutherford’s Letters published in the late 1640s, and Christ Dying and Drawing Sinners to Himselfe published in 1647. Rutherford was a friend of the early Ulster-Scots ministers and wrote to them just before they sailed for America onboard Eagle Wing.

Alastair also has over 300 antique Covenanter postcards, showing scenes from Covenanter history and of many of the monuments across Scotland, from the famous Two Margarets memorial stake at Wigtown, to the large obelisk at Deerness on Orkney where 250 Covenanters drowned when the slave ship they were in, heading for America, was shipwrecked. 10 of the survivors are known to have fled to Ulster for refuge.

Alastair has just produced a new range of postcards, of portraits of famous Scottish and Covenanter heroes of the faith – John Knox, John Welsh, Donald Cargill, John Brown of Priesthill, James Guthrie and James Renwick. The portraits on the cards are from John Howie’s book The Scots Worthies.

To order a pack of seven cards (six individual portraits plus one card featuring all six), please send a cheque for £3.95 inc. postage (payable to A. Bonar) to:

A. Bonar,
c/o 1 Goland Buildings,
Glencairn Park,
Co Antrim
BT36 5EN