Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't Believe the Hype

Too often we do believe the hype - because of its sheer quantity. However now and again evidence appears which challenges the modern orthodoxy. One of the most powerful and relentless of these orthodoxies is man-made climate change.

Recently, famous botanist and tv personality David Bellamy revealed that he had been dumped by the BBC about 10 years ago because he disagreed with the climate change lobby.

A couple of years ago, Channel 4 broadcast a documentary called "The Great Global Warming Swindle" - which is now available on DVD. Worth sticking on the Christmas list - but remember to recycle the wrapping paper and any unwanted packaging by putting it carefully in your blue bin. Not the black one. Or the brown one. Or the green one (if you have one of those)

Before today's era where every home has a row of multi-coloured bins, growing up on our wee 45 acre farm we often had small bonfires to get rid of the rubbish that was building up. It was great fun, watching tyres, plastic fertiliser bags, scrap wood and all sorts of agricultural waste go up in smoke. Big black billows of belching smoke towering up into the sky and probably visible for miles around.

Mind you, whilst dodging the exploding aerosol cans as they zoomed past your head was one of the highlights, it was probably not such a good idea. I'm pretty sure farmyard bonfires are illegal now as well.