Monday, June 08, 2020

Pinks, Pincks, Pink Brae (Portavogie) and Pinks Green (Donaghadee)

Pinks or Pincks were 17th century Dutch and Scottish boats (Wikipedia link here). The Pink Brae on the outskirts of Portavogie was very familiar to me as a boy. A few years ago I found that there is a Pinks Green on the shore of Donaghadee, which is now a children's play park.

Thanks to a discussion on the Friends of the Ulster-Scots Academy Facebook group (link here; members only), a few of us pieced together references and sources which confirm the etymology:

North Down Herald 2 May 1936. ---
"the place his father played as a boy and helped the LOCAL FISHERMEN TO DRAG UP THEIR BOATS, and, having left PINK'S GREEN far behind he brings us to Shore Street."

Belfast Telegraph 6 October, 1936. ---
"Donaghadee Urban Council met on Monday evening. Application having been made for the renting of PINK'S GREEN for the LAYING UP OF BOATS during the winter season, the Council decided that this could not be granted due to it having been purchased as a people's park.