Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Isabella Tod on Elizabeth Hamilton, in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology in 1894

More or less a century apart from one another, the lives of both of these two women were spent on each side of the North Channel. Elizabeth Hamilton (1756–1816) was born in Belfast but moved to Stirling. Isabella Tod (1836-1896) was born in Edinburgh but moved to Belfast. This article by Tod in the Ulster Journal of Archaeology is a portion of a longer biography of Hamilton. It can be found in the September 1894 edition.

Here is Elizabeth Hamilton's famous poem, My Ain Fireside. This is a digital image of the version which was reprinted by Robert Dinsmoor in his 1828 Incidental Poems which was printed in Haverhill, Massachussetts (see previous post here), showing how well-loved it was and how far it has travelled in the hearts and libraries of Ulster-Scots emigrants.