Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More about the Ambassador's visit...

So Ulster groans with day after day of RMS Titanic coverage in the press, looking toward the much-talked about date in April when the action finally gets underway down at the old shipyard in Belfast. The pressure is now mounting to ensure that the investment of millions of pounds results in a scramble of ticket sales, and of course the long term 'sustainability' which will justify the money spent.

Meanwhile the future of the United Kingdom looks shaky, with prominent voices clamouring for independence and 'secession'. Ulster simmers with political discontent, affecting the economy, with strong rumours that massive public gatherings will be called in the Autumn. News coming out of Continental Europe just reinforces the climate of uncertainty.

Yet in the midst of all of this the US Ambassador sees an opportunity to change the story, to come to Belfast to remind us all of our cultural heritage and connections with Scotland. High profile politicians seem to be finally 'getting' the importance of our historic Ulster-Scots identity.

Publicity is embargoed until 15 February, but I may well leak some here later on...