Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes (from Atlanta, Georgia USA) were one of the bands I discovered when in my late teens and early 20s. I've seen them in concert in Belfast at least once (maybe twice, memory's a bit rough nowadays). I remember reading an early interview with the core of the band, brothers Chris and Rich Robinson, in Kerrang! magazine in which they described their parents as 'Scotch Irish mountain folks'. Here are some clips from YouTube that some of you might enjoy. The Black Crowes are currently on a 'hiatus'.

"...Corporate sponsorship is just representative of the enemy, in the eyes of Robinson. "We are a band that has a problem with authority," he said. "For whatever reason - Scotch-Irish descent or Southern.." (full interview from 1993 here)

And here is Chris Robinson talking about the connection between the Scotch-Irish and alcohol:

"...My family are, like, Scotch-Irish mountain people, from Tennessee. It's sort of like a thing in the South when you're a kid - you want a drink? Then here. Hah! And you ******' drink, man, and then you throw up. It's like a dumb macho thing..." (from this 1994 article)


Citizen_69 said...

The Crowes are a classic rock'n'roll band and one of my favourites too. Nice to hear they got some Scotch-Irish blood. On another rock'n'roll note, Kurt Cobain's family left Pomeroy, Tyrone in 1875!