Monday, August 01, 2011

A window full of sewing machines - All Saints, Spitalfield

I was in Brighton a few weeks ago and an amazing shopfront stopped me dead in my tracks. All Saints Spitalfield was the shop, with an enormous front window completely filled with old sewing machines. The street was narrow, and the photo above was as much as I could fit into the camera. An amazing sight, and I thought it was an antique shop which had just acquired the contents of an old old clothes factory. (click to enlarge).

I've since found that it is in fact a big clothes brand, with over 70 stores mainly in the UK but also in Europe and the USA. There's apparently one in Victoria Square in Belfast. I must admit I was disappointed to find that the window of sewing machines is part of the brand's corporate identity, rather than just a quirky one-off shop in Brighton. But hats off to Brinkworth, the design company who came up with the idea.

> Have a look here for a mountain of photographs of the sewing machine displays on Google Images.
> and this article 'So that's where all the sewing machines went'