Sunday, August 28, 2011

In Scotia's Wilds, 1921

I have over the past while gathered up more old books, some of which are theology and church history from the early 1900s which were printed in Scotland. I will add a few of them here now and again which might be of interest to some readers.

Below is a scan from 'In Scotia's Wilds - the Story of How the Gospel entered the land of the Thistle and wrought its wonders amongst the Ancient Dwellers there', published by the (Plymouth) Brethren publisher John Ritchie of Kilmarnock. (Ritchies still exist today, as Ritchie Christian Media. Their office is close to Dean Castle). The book has a message written on the inside page which is dated 1921, so the book is at least as old as this. It's in short chapters, and gives an overview of pre-Christian history up to the times of Ninian, Columba and Iona, and so is not standard Brethren subject matter! The chapter shown below - 'Patrick and His Preaching' - is yet another example of the Scottish traditions of (Saint) Patrick, traditions which have been almost airbrushed away on this side of the narrow sea. Click to enlarge.