Saturday, April 09, 2011

A Biographical Narrative of Matthew Lanktree, Wesleyan Minister, 1816-18

An enormous thanks is due to William for kindly providing me with photocopies from this book, published in 1836, which I've been hunting high and low for for many years. It contains a very detailed account, almost like a journal or occasional diary, written by Methodist missionary Matthew Lanktree of his work in various parts of Ireland - and specifically the part of County Down where I live. Here's an excerpt:

"... as the summer advanced, I was much engaged, and much encouraged, in making collections, and preaching in various places which could not be reached in my ordinary line of duty; and, through the good hand of my God upon me, much was done in a preparatory way for Missionary labours, through the interesting barony of the Ards, and sundry other parts of County Down. Generally where I called, the Gospel was respected. Were the inhabitants of this country in possession of that salvation which the Gospel holds forth, with their present industrious and decent habits, there would be few to excel them in respectability and domestic happiness.

June 14th: We had a high day near the Ballyhalbert shore. An enclosure was prepared with spars and sails, supposed to contain 1500 persons, which was sufficient for the congregation. Mr Mackay preached in the forenoon , from Galatians iv. 4,5, the redemption which is in Jesus... in the afternoon, the willing multitude was again addressed by Mr M'Afee, from Daniel v 27, and Mr Mackay, from Rom. xiv. 17.

I trust when the dead, small and great, shall stand before God, many will have cause to glorify him for that day...'