Friday, December 10, 2010

When worlds collide

I took my parents to Belfast this morning. When we'd finished what we'd gone there to do, on the road home we called in at Tesco in Newtownbreda. My da doesn't really do shops and he was impressed both by the scale of the place and that you could get a decent fry for £4 in the cafĂ©. They bought some stuff and I bought some too, and as we queued at the till my da went first. The checkout girl rang in the total amount and then asked him "Do you have a Clubcard?". Clearly this was an alien world he had entered, with strange customs. So he just looked at her and then silently handed her some money.

I wish he'd said "Naw, but dae you hae a Nuffield or a Fordson Dexta?"


Alan said...

Like this 10/60 ??

Mark Thompson said...

The very thing!