Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Pope joke that hasn't forced the resignation of a high-profile referee

BBC Three has a brilliant Spitting Image style football programme called SpecialOneTV. Presented by José Mourinho, the famously self-declared "Special One", if you're into football this is laugh-out-loud funny stuff. In the episode below, at 2.35, you'll get a very obvious but still very funny Pope joke. Scottish football has got into some trouble because of online humour associated with the Pope's recent visit - a high profile referee felt the need to resign after he was involved in an email joke, and two Aberdeen players' Facebook messages got them into some hot water. The episode also includes an exclusive from Wayne Rooney's ankle treatment in the USA... which turns into an induction into the Church of Scientology by Tom Cruise!

A full list of all of the episodes of SpecialOneTV is here. Be Champions!