Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Tin Tabernacle by Jean Shields


This book is just published and tells the story of Craigantlet Mission Hall (1912 - 2001). A high quality production in a 64 page A5 format, the story begins when a combination of Dundonald people and two Scottish evangelists raised a marquee at Craigantlet in the summer of 1911 to begin a gospel mission in the highest hills of north Down. From initial hostility and opposition, when some locals threatened to cut the ropes of the marquee down, by the middle of September when the mission ended 60 people had been converted to faith in Christ - "the whole character of the countryside was changed and became a sober, hardworking community of worshipping people". The next year the mission hall was built and from where the simple gospel went forth for nearly 90 years.

"...a tiny square entrance hall, fitted with pegs for hats and coats, opened into the main building, consisting of a central aisle and flanked by two row of sturdy wooden forms... a coal stove graced the centre of the aisle with a pipe extending through the roof... three paraffin lamps hung from the ceiling - Faith, Hope and Charity we called them... a text at the front proclaimed 'Jesus Christ is Lord'... the walls were panelled to keep in the heat and decorated with useful slogans; 'Faith Brings Victory' and 'Prayer Changes Things" are two I recall. Within its walls we praised and prayed and were ministered unto and many, both young and old, came to a saving faith kneeling beside its hard wooden seats. To them and others the Tin Tabernacle became the 'House of God and the very gate of Heaven..."

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