Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happed up

#alttext# I had a client meeting in snowy Belfast yesterday, and when I arrived everyone else was already there, and they'd decided to keep their coats and scarves on. So I said "you're all well happed up!" which then triggered a conversation about Ulster vocabulary. W. H. Patteron's Glossary of Antrim and Down (1880) defines "hap" as follows:

Hap, (1) sb. a covering, as a cloak or a blanket
(2) v. to cover; to wrap up in muffling or bed-clothes

I hope you're all weel happed up this weather! For those of you who need an extra quilt, this one on eBay might be just the thing.


Unknown said...

My Dad always happed the babies of the family up. I never knew where he got it from but my Grandfather was born in Ireland so now it makes sense. My Dad passed away 6 years ago and myself age 42, it just occurred to me to Google it. Thank you.