Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Off to Ards Historical Society shortly...

... I'm dusting down my Powerpoint talk on Hamilton & Montgomery (the second most important story in ever told). See you at 8pm in the Town Hall! Will post a report later on of how it went.

UPDATE - went really well, I spoke for my allotted hour (had to skip a few bits to keep it down to the hour!). Between 50 and 60 people there, lots of questions at the end and lots of very positive feedback all round. I met folk tonight who are friends of my parents but who I'd never met before, local teachers, parents of schoolfriends of mine, a woman from Edinburgh who now lives near Carrowdore, a man from Ballintoy who now lives near Newtownards, even a few folk who admitted to having heard me try to sing!. They've asked me back again - the ultimate accolade.

The critics of Ulster-Scots have no idea of how deeply our stories resonate within our local communities. Or maybe they do...? Media, politicians and assorted "experts" can spout whatever they like within their ivory towers. I know where I'll be - among my ain folk helping to preserve, recover and share our extraordinary heritage to whatever extent I'm able.