Saturday, September 04, 2010

" more triumph for the crass stupidity rapidly replacing culture in this country..."

No, it's not about certain aspects of present-day Ulster-Scots activity (although you may feel that it could be), but is instead an excerpt from the football fanzine / magazine When Saturday Comes. Football isn't rocket science, and frankly it's not that important (even though I enjoy it immensely) however WSC has recently published two pieces ripping apart how even something as trivial as football coverage has been dumbed down. This article is about former Soccer AM presenter Tim Lovejoy, and this one is about the dire James Corden's World Cup programmes that dominated ITV's coverage of this years tournament.

Here are a few excerpts from the Corden article: "...a thickening culture of bullish arrogance, absolute pride in not thinking. This idea that it's all a laugh. It's eating away at everything now, and it's only getting worse..."Lovely stuff!" barked Corden, banging his cards on the desk. Somewhere in Britain, another library closed... idea of his own limitations, never sensing when people are sick of him... underneath the insecure bluster, he may even be a nice guy... what he has to realise now, as he weeps over England's exit, is that he's part of the problem. Sure, it's only a laugh – but this overbearing oafishness bolsters the culture which has England stinking out one tournament after another, bullishly arrogant, proud of not thinking. Corden would probably scoff at the thought, but I guess you have a different perspective when you're making a career of it..."

The language in both pieces is rough in places, so be warned before you choose to click through. Apply the themes as you see fit.