Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ulster Poetry Project - University of Ulster, Coleraine

This Friday evening sees the launch of a new initiative, the Ulster Poetry Project, at the University of Ulster (Coleraine). The project involves the digitisation of important Ulster poetry from the 1800s and 1900s. As you might imagine, many significant Ulster-Scots texts are included in the selection, such as:

• Campbell, James, The Poems and Songs of James Campbell of Ballynure : with additional songs not before published, (Ballyclare, 1870)

• Huddleston, Robert, A Collection of Poems and Songs on Rural Subjects, (Belfast, 1844)

• Huddleston, Robert, A Collection of Poems and Songs on Different Subjects, (Belfast, 1846)

• McKenzie, Andrew Poems and Songs on Different Subjects, (Belfast 1810)

• Porter, Hugh, Poetical Attempts / by Hugh Porter, a County of Down Weaver, (Belfast, 1813)

• Savage-Armstrong, George Francis, Ballads of Down, (London, 1901)

• Sloan, Edward L, The Bard's Offering : a Collection of Miscellaneous Poems, (Belfast, 1854)

Over recent months here at the 'Burn I've referred to both Savage-Armstrong and Campbell - it's great to see their work being brought to wider public availability. Dr Frank Ferguson is to be congratulated for developing the Project - and for delivering high quality, authentic, uncontroversial work with Ulster-Scots language and literature.