Thursday, July 08, 2010

"Soda Farls and Redemption Songs" - review by Diane Amov on

I'm absolutely blown away by a review of our new CD, by American writer and music blogger Diane Amov. Diane found us on YouTube a few weeks ago, bought the CD from iTunes and has written this amazing review on the website I can't tell you how honoured I feel that someone who is clearly highly knowledgeable about early 20th century gospel musical styles, and who lives on the other side of the Atlantic, really gets what we're trying to do. Sometimes we've wondered if the songs we learned sitting at the stove at Ballyfrench, or at the wee simple mission halls around the country, are just special to our family or our locality. This review is another example of that cultural highway that links lowland Scotland, Ulster and America.

Diane has been kind enough to include further references to our music on her own (very impressive) blog, Jerusalem Tomorrow, where she has seen fit to place us among people we regard as the best in the genre and musical heroes - artists whose music we soaked up growing up, passed down to us from the older generation.