Friday, March 12, 2010

"A wheen o wee Scotch breek"

(NB: If you're reading this on Facebook, the original post is from my blog) About 12 years ago when we bought our current house and were doing some renovations, we found what one of the workmen called "a wheen o wee Scotch breek" - a few Scottish bricks, glazed firebricks to be precise. On the back they carried the moulded imprint of "J & M Craig Ltd., Kilmarnock, Scotland". So we got them built into some of the walls outside, with the lettering facing outwards. I did a bit of research at the time, and found that this particular imprint only existed for about 15 years, in the 1850s. On the excellent AyrshireHistory website they have a page about the Craig brothers. I gave them a lick of paint earlier in the week, so here they are, fresh and gleamin! (click to enlarge)