Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"the pinnacle of thranness!"

(NB: If you're reading this on Facebook, the original post is from my blog) Wendy Austin said this today, to Danny Kennedy, on Talkback on Radio Ulster. Maybe you language enthusiasts out there should start to list the various Ulster-Scots terms that are used on the local media? It would be a quare gunk for a lot of folk! (you can hear it on iPlayer at about 40 min into the programme)


Unknown said...


Mark Davenport started the ball rolling at 0725am on Radio Ulster, when he described the Ulster Unionists as 'thrang' it seemed to be the word for today - as it was repeated several times throughout the day.


Kilsally said...

Here in Tyrone (Mid-Ulster / South Londonderry ) we would say that somebody is thra`d.