Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ravara Pipe Band @ Portrush, August 2009

Over at Aiblins, Mr Ulster-Scot has been showing off his new blog design (which is great) and his fancy new digital video camera (which is also great). The clip below is from his impressive 57 video YouTube channel. Great quality images and audio.

It's a good example of why the future of independent publishing is definitely online, not in budget-limited, circulation-limited and editorially-controlled print - or indeed the even more controlled world of broadcasting. Ulster-Scots might make a small dent on traditional media (and congratulations to those who are working to that end, and who have given me a number of opportunities to dabble there too), but in a world that's going online, where in 2006 online advertising in the UK eclipsed newspaper advertising and just last month overtook television advertising, the internet is the medium that matters. And blogging is FREE.

I was talking to someone from Channel 4 a few weeks ago, who said that a massive 25% of the audience for the teen-docu-drama Skins only watch it online. And here's another example of how concerned European television news companies are about the internet.

(Interestingly, President Obama has been talking about a bailout of the declining mainstream media, much like the car industry, insurance giants and the banks. Perhaps the establishment needs an establishment media?).

Here at Bloggin fae the 'Burn I'm now up to an average of almost 2000 unique users every month (last month it was 1960 to be precise). Surprisingly, the post about Veda is one of the top ten most visited pages!.