Sunday, May 11, 2008

Veda - The Secret Recipe of the Ulster-Scots!

Published in "Belfast in Your Pocket", July 06

There are many world-famous secret recipes – Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken are two you’ll already be familiar with. Typically, the Ulster-Scots have one of our own – the recipe for mouthwatering Veda bread!

The real recipe is patented, but Veda is an absolute classic, and the unsung hero of Northern Ireland’s breads. Invented by a brewery in Scotland in 1904, Veda is a small, soft, caramel-coloured malty loaf which is only baked in Ulster.

Veda tends to be overlooked by the usual gastro-tourism restaurants and eateries, yet it’s so easily available that you’ll be able to get a Veda loaf in most corner shops and small supermarkets across Northern Ireland. Whether eaten sliced with butter, or toasted with butter, cheese or jam, it’s delicious.

So during your stay in Northern Ireland, make sure you taste a slice of the perfect Ulster-Scots flavour!

(for further information, see “Our Daily Bread” by James Davison, published by Colourpoint Books, 2004)