Sunday, May 18, 2008

The '59 Revival

Thanks to Jennifer in the Presbyterian Historical Society library for this one.

To Antrim, with its hills and glens
One hundred years ago
God sent the Holy Spirit
To set all hearts aglow
First as a gentle whisper
Upon the evening air
To men and women waiting
Engaged in earnest prayer

And gradually the blessing spread
As ripples on a pond
Outside the bounds of Antrim
To places far beyond
In Derry and Fermanagh
Tyrone and County Down
Armagh and Belfast city
God poured his blessing down

And men's and women's hearts were changed
And marvelled soon to see
The children and the aged
Alike on bended knee
Rejoicing in their Saviour
Who washed away all sin
So long ago, on Calvary
Who died, their souls to win

And what a change the blessing brought
To market place and fair
In field and shop and factory
God's praises rent the air
The gracious Living Presence
Was manifest in full
And kindly generous brotherhood
Became life's Golden Rule

And yet again, our prayers ascend
For our beloved land
That God, once more, would visit her
And with His mighty Hand
Would pour us out a blessing
To reach from sea to sea
May each pray with sincerity
Let it begin, in me

A.B. Gilmore, Oldpark Presbyterian Church. Published in the "Christian Irishman", July 1959