Monday, May 12, 2008

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

I see the Irish News have this morning printed a hatchet job and complete fabrication about the Ulster-Scots Agency and our funding assistance scheme. Sure, why let the truth get in the way of a good cover story?

I'll explain more later... >:<


UPDATE: When a newspaper makes this level of allegation they must be either very confident in their sources, or veeeery foolish. For the Irish News, it is the latter.

This is a personal blog, not an Agency communications outlet, so I will leave specific comment to the Agency press release which was issued earlier today. Let's see if the Irish News has the courage to print an apology tomorrow - after all, this is only the latest in a long line of anti-Ulster-Scots smears they have printed.

Here's another one, printed on 28th May 2004, depicting the Ulster-Scots themed stage show "On Eagles Wing" as a Nazi Nuremburg rally.


Mark Anderson said...

As post script to your comments regarding the Irish News, at the time of "On Eagles Wing" in the Odyssey Arena. I was "Working" in Andersonstown at the time. On a Friday afternoon I witnessed a On Eagles Wing advertisement being put on a large bill board on the Andersonstown Road. I was very pleased but a little surprised. I had seen two previously unusual advertisements on the same bill boards in recent times Orange Mobile Phone (The future is bright the future is Orange) and Club Orange drink (The best way to enjoy an Orange) both were removed within 1 week of being erected. How long would the On Eagles Wing last I asked myself? Sadly the On Eagles Wing advert only lasted the weekend, sure enough on Monday morning as I walked along the Andersonstown Road the bill board men were replacing the On Eagles Wing advert with a Budweiser advert! Who has the power to remove these advertisements I wonder and why would they want them removed? Do you think there is a political / religious reason for this? or is it mere coincidence? I think not, hurray for tolerance. Mark A.