Thursday, May 01, 2008

Blog template, Rangers and the Irish Times

My blog template's gone a bit mad and is playing havoc with some of the graphics. Not sure what Blogger have done, so must try to fix it over the weekend.


Am currently recovering from the immense shock - and delight - of Chelsea reaching the Champions League final in Moscow last night, and Rangers reaching the UEFA Cup final in Manchester tonight! Two amazing games!

And... there's a thread on one of the Rangers fans forums tonight entitled "The Scots Covenanter Presbyterian Army is on its way to Manchester" - which clearly indicates how the Rangers fans view themselves! Of course, this is a daft trivialisation of what the Covenanters stood for, but it shows that if you scratch the surface even in modern materialistic Scotland, there's an awareness there. Hopefully it can be tapped into and developed.


Was interviewed this afternoon by the Irish Times for a big feature they're doing next week on Ulster-Scots. We'll see what the journalist and editor do with what I said to them - hopefully I'll get a fair hearing. Otherwise it'll be a hatchet job, but I hope not (and I don't think it will be)


John Killian said...

Brother Mark,
Am with you in the excitement over the Rangers and Chelsea--especially the Rangers.
Don't forget the grand success of the Linfield True Blues in winning the Irish League. Hopefully, Linfield will win the Irish Cup.
However, I love the Rangers, listen to them on Calton Radio and follow,follow them carefully.
Now, if I can interest you in the Alabama Crimson Tide.......