Sunday, December 06, 2020

AD1183 grant by John De Courcy – and Pope Innocent III's AD1204 communication with 'The Prior and Monks of St Andrew of Ards'

Following a post a few weeks ago I came across this typescript which an older friend gave to me some months back, in among a box of other things. From the pencil notes on the back it seems that Rev FWA Bell, the rector of the church at the end of our lane, gave these to my friend.

This is the wording of the grant from John De Courcy back to his home church at Stogoursey, and some other associated documents too. There are some complex and intriguing placenames here - the document dated 12 May 1204 has 'Ynchemackargi' which must be Inishargy, 'Arkien' must be Ardkeen, 'Donanachti' must be Donaghadee, and so on. The places in England - Sthokes, Wotton, Lullinstoh, Hoilefort and Hichestow, Cornitone, Cumba, Wiletone, Tinelande, Traigru - might be of interest to an avid researcher out there.