Sunday, March 22, 2020

Martha (Mattie) Mulholland of Carrowdore – "the first Orangewoman in the world"

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One benefit of the unexpected break in normal busyness just now is that it creates an opportunity to pause and go through various piles of info that have gathered up. An octogenarian former school principal gave me a box of his books and researches last year and I've finally had a chance to work through it.

The story of Martha 'Mattie' Mulholland of Carrowdore was reported in the County Down Spectator on Saturday 2 February 1935. Clippings below. Her son Thomas (erroneously named 'Robert' in the subtitle) can be found here on the 1901 Census of Ireland, then living at Ganaway just south of Millisle, and with a daughter named after his legendary mother. Another version of her story is also on the lodge's website here.

Maybe the graves, and homestead, of the Mulhollands exist somewhere still today.