Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"Christianity, North Carolina, the Mecklenburg Resolves and freedom" - Rev Mark H Creech

This article by Rev Mark H. Creech on ChristianPost.com is worth reading for those of you who are interested in the fusion of faith with ideas of liberty.

I've covered the Mecklenburg 1775 story here before, but this source by Rev Benjamin Morris (1810-1897), entitled Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States was published in 1864 and is online here.

“Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, who formed so large a proportion of the people of North Carolina, and moulded its religious and political character… The religious creed of these Christian immigrants formed a part of their politics so far as to lead them to decide that no law of human government ought to be tolerated in opposition to the expressed will of God. Their ideas of religious liberty have given a colouring to their political notions on all subjects – have been, indeed, the foundation of their political creed. The Bible was their text-book on all subjects of importance, and their resistance to tyrants was inspired by the free principles which it taught and enforced.”