Thursday, January 03, 2019

Hugh Newell (1830-1915); Belfast-born American artist

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Hugh Newell is said to have been born in Belfast on 4 October 1830 but studied as an artist in London, Paris and Belgium, so he must have been from a relatively wealthy family. He emigrated to Baltimore, Maryland, in 1851 and exhibited there until 1858. He then became Head of the Women’s School of Design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 1869–1878. His wife was Mary McCrum, they seem to have lived for a time in western Pennsylvania around Wilkinsburg - today part of Pittsburg - and a region heavily settled by Ulster-Scots a century or so before. They bought a farm in 1869 but left it to their son around 1893 when they relocated to Newark in New Jersey.

This website says he was “...a member of the American Watercolor Society, also exhibited with the Washington Art Association (1857), National Academy of Design (1858-1891), Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts ((1860-1880), Brooklyn Art Association (1876-1884), Boston Art Club (1881-1886), and at the Art Institute of Chicago (1910-1914). His works are found in the collection of the Peabody Institute in Baltimore and the Shelburne Museum in Vermont…"

He died in 1915 in Bloomfield, New Jersey.