Thursday, August 30, 2018

Rev John Logan (1793-1851): Scotch-Irish Baptist pioneer of Iowa

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Another Logan, and this time breaking the mould a little. Rev John A Logan was a Baptist pastor - his parents were Samuel and Ann Logan. They came from Ulster in the mid 1700s and then headed to Garrard County in frontier Kentucky.

John spent time in Sumner County, Tennessee (just north of Nashville); Dubois County, Indiana; and McDonough County, Illinois. He then headed about 60 miles west, across the Mississippi River, to found Long Creek Baptist Church of Danville, Ohio, among a group of frontier settlers in 1834. 

The Scotch-Irish arrived in America as Presbyterians, but within a generation they were becoming Baptists and Methodists to name but two. The first Baptist preacher in Pennsylvania was a Thomas Dungan, from the North of Ireland. The first Methodist in America was a Robert Strawbridge, from Ireland, in Maryland circa 1784.

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