Wednesday, April 11, 2018

William McEwan's Edison cylinders, 1912 - and a new 'anthology' box set.

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The William McEwan/ MacEwan story just won’t go away! In the past two weeks I’ve found that, before the legendary 78s for Columbia Phonograph Co., he issued four cylinders for Edison, one of which is winging its way across the Atlantic to me as we speak. These were issued in 1912:

‘Memories of Mother’ (12424) – March 1912
‘Gospel Bells’ (14122) – March 1912
‘The Broken Heart’ (14160) – August 1912
‘God Will Take Care of You’ (14163) – October 1912

There are varying accounts of when the Columbia recordings were made (most say November 1911) and issued (most say September 1913). But these 1912 Edison cylinders are a whole new discovery. They are listed here.

Just as much of a surprise was an email from someone I’ve known a long time who, it turns out, is also a McEwan fan, and who intends to release an ‘anthology' box set of all of the recordings later this year. More on this to follow.

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