Wednesday, January 10, 2018

'Address of the Inhabitants of the County of Somersett', 28 November 1689

(As referred to in the previous post. It’s impossible to know how many of these might have been early Ulster emigrants. Presumably most were English. Maybe an expert in Maryland / Delaware has already done that research).

To the King and Queen most Ext Majty.
Wee your Majesty's Subjects in the Somersett and Province of Maryland, being refreshed and Encouraged by your Majestys great and prosperous undertakings, and by your late gracious letter to these of this Province, do cast ourselves at your Majesty's feet humbly desiring and hopefully expecting the continuance of your Maj care of us, as our Case and Circumstances doe or may require, in the confidence whereof wee resolve to continue (by the grace of God) in the Profession and defence of the Protestant Religion and your Majesty's Title and interest against the French and other Papists that oppose and trouble us in soe just and good a cause not doubting but your Majestys wisdom and clemency will afford unto us all needful suitable Aid and Protection for securing our Religion, lives and liberty under Protestant Governors and Government, and for enabling us to defend ourselves against all Invaders. Thus praying for your Majestys long and happy Reigne over us, Wee know ourselves to bee (with due Reverence and sincerity.), Your Majestys Loyall Obedient and humble Subjects

John Huett Wm Coulbourne jun Thomas Wilson Henry Philips John Parsons Thomas Shild Thomas Stivenson James Knox John Browne Wm Alexander Randolph Revell Peter Elzery James Smith Epraem Wilson Thomas Smith John Knox Thomas Wallr John Knox Thomas Wallr Alexander Knox Alexander Procter John Renshaw James Conner William Wilmot Micayah Sadler John Chanceleer John Smoche Nicholas Cornwell Robert Cade John Miller Adam Spence Tho. Midgley John Baron John Deale Martin Curtis Clement Giles Robert Johnson William Bowen Devoraux Diegas Robert Simson Edward Evans Hugh Jingle John Coltston Richard Warren Mathew Jones Richard Hill John Goldsmith John Browne WilIm Owen Malcom Knox William Knox William Hacaland Richard Jarrett Nathaniel Clark George Boyman John Nelson William Waller George Phebus John Rawley John Jones George Park Wm Polk Wm Wilson Edward Surnam Charles Ractlife William Melvell William Smith Richard Mackclure John White John Rowell John Killam John More Sam1 Hopkins junr Benjamin Keyar Ralph Milbourne Henry Hall Francis Heap John Pope Thomas Oxford William Hearne Richard Pepper John Saunders Nathaniell Abbott William Coard William Hall William Davis Joshua Light John Rust Nathaniel Vesey Richard Woodcraft Tobias Pepper WaIler Read John Peterfranck Stephen Page Thomas Edwards Alexander Mackcullah George Beniam Andrew Miller Patrick Reed John Steell William Browne Thomas Bromley William Wouldhave Richard Wildgoose John Lucas John Johnson Richard Cole William Oswell John Snow George Latham William Law William Alexandr Junr John Gray Robert Polk Thomas Pollett Charles Mullen Arnold Elzey Alexander White William Nelson Michael Hannah William Lawrence John Swaine Ambrose Archer William Stevenson James Barber Samll Showell William Jurvill John Mcknitt Wm Coulbourne James Marrah John Roach Owen Mckgraw William Round Richard Farwell Alexander Kyll Thomas Poynter John Strawbridge Adam Fitch William Burch Thomas Gordon Nicholas Carpenter John Hepderson John Tarr Richard Hill Edmd Beachamp Allen Ross Geo. Nobell Richard Britten Peter Whaples William Layton William Boyman Geo. Lane John Crawley Samll Worthington Robert Peny Moses Fenton John Porter Ninian Dulap James Henderson James Duncan John Barber John Hicks William Mead Robert Neame Henry Mills Richard Dennis Thomas Morgan Humphrey Read William Shankland David Dresdan John Watt John Ellis Thomas Ellis John Starret William Fossit Thomas Delahide Arthur Hanley John Christopher Philip Askew Roger Phillips Robert Crouch George Bayley Lazurus Maddux John Davis Henry Hamon Miles Harrison Tho. Dixon Alexander Maddux John Frankland Wm Coulbourne. Francis Joyce Robert Boyer Nicholas Jodvin Geo. Layfeild Comtr [sic] Michael Clugstone Laurence Crawford Wm Traile Thomas Wilson Samll Davis Peter Dent John West John Boyman James Sangster John Tayler Edward Jones Thomas Poole Roger Burkham John Emmit John King William Planer William Planer junr Richard Tull Thomas Tull Robert Hall John Braughton William Nobell John Colhoune John Williams Richard Chambers John Trupshan Mathew Dorman James Langreene Nathll Horsey Alexander Thomas John Mackbride David Brown Francis Jenkins William Brerton John Winder Robt King James Dashiell Stephen Suff Thomas Newbold James Round Samll Hopkins Edmd Howard Thomas Jones Henry Smith.

Address of the Inhabitants of the County of Somersett to their Majties. Recd. from my Lord Shrewsbury, 7th Febry. 1689.