Tuesday, January 20, 2015

William of Orange's Act of Gracious, General and Free Pardon, 23 May 1690 -- "their Offences may not hereafter be brought in Judgement, Question or Remembrance ... Indulgent Grace"


I have blogged about this before. I now have an original copy. The theologically-inclined will see the Gospel exemplified here.

King William III, Prince of Orange, and Mary his Queen, put this Act to Parliament just a few weeks before William sailed for Ireland. All acts of treason and support of the previous regime were wiped clean:

'... The King and Queen's most Excellent Majesties, taking into Their Serious Consideration the long and Great trouble and Discords that have been within thins Kingdom, and that by occasion thereof, and otherwise, many of Their Subjects are fallen into danger of, and lie open to the great Penalties and Forfeitures; and withal Graciously Considering the Faithful Hearts, and Dutiful Affections of Their Loyal Subjects : Out of an Earnest Desire to deliver Their subjects from the Penalties and Forfeitures aforesaid, and to the intent that their Offences may not hereafter be brought in Judgement, Question or Remembrance, to the least Endangerment of them, either in their Lives, Liberties, Estates or Reputations, but that they, having an entire Confidence in Their Majesties, and perfect Union among themselves, may be encouraged in their Duty to their Majesties Government, and more fully and securely enjoy the benefit of it; Their Majesties are of Their Princely and Merciful Disposition and meer Motion, most Graciously inclined to extend unto them Their General and Free Pardon, and that in a more bountiful manner than hath been accustomed : Their Majesties Assuredly Trusting, that all Their Subjects by this Clemency and Indulgent Grace, will be the rather induced henceforth more carfully to observe the Laws, and perform their Loyal and due Obedience to Their Majesties ...'

An Act for the King and Queen's most Gracious, General and Free Pardon. 23 May 1690