Friday, January 24, 2014

Robert Boyle - a biography (1914)

I came across this book the other day, available on here. It was written by Edinburgh author Flora Masson (1857-1937) who also wrote biographies of English writer Charles Lamb, of her friend Florence Nightingale, and the Bronte family, as well as guides to London, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Boyle (1566 - 1643) was the 1st Earl of Cork, and Lord Treasurer of Ireland. He has a lengthy entry on Wikipedia here. This excerpt comes from page 300 of Masson's book:

'... Another proclamation in London, but this time of an Anglo-Dutch Prince, and a Princess who was not only the daughter of James II but the granddaughter of Hyde, Earl of Clarendon. Another bloody rebellion in Ireland, another chapter of massacre and terrorism ; but this time it was Ulster, and the Ulster Scots, who were fighting for Protestantism. Robert Boyle and Lady Ranelagh, growing old in the house in the Mall — two children of the great Elizabethan Puritan Earl of Cork — had watched Munster pass again into the hands of the Catholic Irish ; but they lived just long enough to see William and Mary Sovereigns of England, and to have the tidings of the Siege of Londonderry and the Battle of the  Boyne ...'

The context is stereotypical, but here is the term 'Ulster Scots' being used by an Edinburgh writer in 1914.