Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mission Hall Chic? The Tin Tabernacle Tearoom

Baileys Home and Garden of Ross-on-Wye (the place with the annual book festival) is a fairly unique retailer who have carved out a reputation for themselves as treasuring the simpler things of life. We have been there a few times.

Visiting their website earlier, I see they now have a 'Tin Tabernacle Tearoom'. Now, I'm not sure about converting wee former places of worship into eateries, but Baileys Home and Garden clearly understand the aesthetic and innocent beauty of these buildings. This may well be a brilliant repro rather than an original (apart from the giant pieces of cutlery it looks original to me). But can you imagine this in present-day Northern Ireland? I can't - not without some smart-alec 'twist' to spoil it.

Bailey's Home and Garden were awarded 'Best Homewares Retalier 2012' by The Daily Telegraph. Their book Simple Home is an absolute joy.