Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sir Edward Carson on the Ulster-Scots

(Speaking in Portadown, Wednesday 25th September 1912)

'...Was bragging a characteristic of the Ulster Scot? Was it by bragging that they won Derry, Aughrim and the Boyne? I remember Mr Gladstone once wrote a famous letter, he said, “read history.” I wonder do the Radicals ever read history? If they do I wish they would look over the history of the American War.

I should like just to quote to you as evidence of the Ulster Scot what two or three great men who have studied him, not merely in this country, but in America and elsewhere, have said, and I would first quote what the present American Ambassador in England Mr Whitelaw Reid, has said – “they (the Ulster Scots) were the first to proclaim for freedom in these United States, even before Lexington, Scots Irish blood had been shed on behalf of American freedom, and the spirit of Patrick Henry animated the Scotch Irish to a man when the clash came. In the forefront of every battle was seen their burnished mail and in the gloomy rear of retreat was heard their voices of constancy and courage.”

And the late President M’Kinley, who, I believe, came himself from Antrim descent, said this – “the Scotch Irish man comes of mighty stock, descending from those who would fight, and who would die rather than surrender.”

Lord Rosebery who was Prime Minister of England, said this – “the Ulster Scots without exception are the most dominant, the most irresistible race that exists in the universe.”...'