Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Cove, Ballyhaskin


Found this postcard recently. Ballyhaskin is a rural townland between Ballywalter and Millisle. Not much to see there, but once upon a time it was thought picturesque enough to have a postcard printed. An idyllic image from a simpler time.

"Oul boat-holes gien up thair task in,
Reuch an roakie Ballyhaskin,
Eneuch o pladdies fur tha askin,
An mair on doon,
Roakie heidlans at Tha Whuskin,
Gar boats gang roon"

- an excerpt from this poem by Philip Robinson


Unknown said...

Back in the 70's, we swam in this cove (in front of what was the red boat house).
Halcyon days...

Unknown said...

Back in the '70's, we used to swim in the cove on a regular basis.
Halcyon days.