Monday, April 30, 2012

Promoting Portavogie in 1913

People had simpler tastes 100 years ago. I picked up this old postcard on Saturday at the NI Postcard Fair (where I met a couple of other postcard-hokers I know from old!). The caption reads 'One of Portavogie's Beauty Spots'. But it's not what you'd expect from a beauty spot - no beach scene, no dramatic waterfalls, no glens or valleys. Just a field. With some folk standing far away, a wheen o kye and hooses. I have a fair idea where this was taken from (it's about 9 fields away from our front door) but it's now built over with new houses, so not much chance of taking the same photo today for comparison. The thing is, as modest and ordinary as the image is, I am sure every one of the folk in the photo could have kept us riveted for hours with local stories and traditions. Oh for a time machine...