Tuesday, March 27, 2012

President Woodrow Wilson, County Down and Scotland


"...James Wilson, his grandfather, was the first of the family to come to America. He set sail from County Down, Ireland, in 1807. On the ship that sailed to Philadelphia, came also Anne Adams, an Ulster young woman, bound also for the land of freedom and opportunity. A sea voyage is notable for intimate confidences.That voyage brought the young people into the haven of love which was followed by marriage the next year in Philadelphia. Good Presbyterians, both, it was Rev. George C. Potts, pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, who performed the ceremony. The wife had vivid recollections of her North of Ireland home and loved to old age to talk of it, saying from that home she could see the white linen flying on the line in Scotland..." - from The Life of Woodrow Wilson, by Josephus Daniels.

Let me suggest that President Woodrow Wilson's grandmother might have been from the Ards. And that she had eyes like a hawk.